Our dear party lovers, we close the summer season with a mega party in the Black Sea area, in a location located in Vama Veche.

Secret or, let’s just say, not public location, cause it’s the best hotel on the beach in Vama Veche! So, it’ll be difficult to camouflage it, being just a few meters from the sea line. In other words, only the chosen „wizards & witches” will meet where all the kinkiness and magic happens.
Long story short, we’ll take over the bar beach, the (sun) beds, the terraces and all the playrooms, specially prepared extended 4 days (3 nights) weekend.

Conducting events:

Thusday – MEET & GREET (6.00 pm-10.00 pm)
Check in your luggage and find us at the beach bar! Bring a sexy & opened attitude covered by a casual “steamy & revealing” outfit. This is where we’ll unwind, chill, relax a bit, and meet new people. Only good vibes allowed!
Dress code: transparent garments over sensual swimsuit or summary beach-like outfits
Included: FF branded sunglases & shirts

Friday – LUST & FURIOUS PARTY (10 pm -> Sunrise)
The beach bar (START), will fill your reservoirs with 2 shots of NOS (tequila, absinth, vodka, whiskey, jagermeister etc) so you can boost among the sexy curves, dressed to impress, somewhere between the new border (Vama) of sexyness and the old (Veche) vulgar lustful lifestyle. Prepare to RACE on the hotel’s roof, for the entire night, with adrenaline filled sensations and cross the FINISH line when the sun rises.
Or, just finish as much as … and where you are allowed ☺ One of the best experiences of your life will happen here, in the free & open minded people’s capital in the Balkans, Vama Veche.
Lots of surprises will be ready & waiting for you!
Included: Buffet dinner, music, good vibes, all the drinks

Saturday – WHITE VIBES SENSATIONS (10 pm -> Sunrise)
Like crest of the waves, all of us will be on the highest height and all dressed in white!
The party starts directly on the rooftop, so ladies and gentlemen you are invited to bring your whitest attire. Or none, we will accept nicely fit & tanned bodies to delight our eyes.
Dress code, all white:
Ladies: sexy white dress, high heels
Gentlemen: white shirt and/or trousers
Included: Buffet dinner, music, good vibes, all the drinks

FRIDAY & SATURDAY @ noon – CHILL BEACH PARTY – Hotel’s Rooftop
Hot cats on the roof, or just our hot wives, all naked, all oiled up from head to toes, all shiny and all… ours ☺
Bring your solar protection, sunglasses, hats and for the bold & brave ones, that will be all. ☺
Swimming & beach suits are optional inside the facility.
Places are limited, sexy couples only, singles attendance only with the presence of a couple (comes & leaves together).
One open air bed (to see the stars 😊 and another two playrooms)
Accommodation: We offer you a number of 15 rooms for party participants. The entire location is ours under Takeover regime.

The payment:
The venue can accommodate 50 couples. Due to the limited number of places, it is mandatory to pay the online reservation (via bank transfer, bank transfer option to our account) as soon as possible, because this is the only way to secure your place at the event.

Participation fee for Hotel Takeover couples:

– 720 euro accommodation for 3 nights in a appartment for 4 people in a 3* hotel – SOLD OUT
– 440 euro accommodation for 3 nights in a double room in a 3* hotel.
– 210 euro party access for 3 nights without accommodation.
– 170 euro party access for 2 nights without accommodation.
– 100 euro party access 1 night (Friday or Saturday) without accommodation.
– 50 euro party access 1 night (Thursday) without accommodation.

Photography is strictly prohibited for anyone except our official FF photographer.