Bad Romance

Bad Romance Club is located in the center  of Bucharest, just a few minutes from JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel. Set in a luxury villa with a modern design, the club has a large lounge bar on the ground floor.

On the first and second floor there are 5 playrooms, each arranged in a different style, specially designed to offer an intimate, relaxing and erotic atmosphere. Lockers for personal belongings are available in the basement. Outside there is a terrace with pool where you can relax and have fun during the summer.

Why choose Bad Romance Club?

Bad Romance Club aims, through the beauty and grandeur of the place, to encourage the development of the swinging concept and its introduction in the lives of as many couples as possible.
Our main quality is discretion. We promote discretion and common sense. In all adventures there is a discipline, and when it comes to swinging, discipline is the main ingredient to a pleasant experience for all parties involved.

Bad Romance Club Staff

We have experience and can offer you exactly what you need. We know very well what we do, you just have to trust us and you will be able to notice that each of us is here to help you have a perfect experience.

Pay us a visit and we will warmly welcome you and our host will give you a tour of the club and will be at your disposal for any questions. Make time for a moment of relaxation in the lounge area, where you will be able to pamper yourself, in the presence of the entertainer who relaxes the atmosphere and encourages good mood, and with the Bad Romance Club drinks prepared by our bartender. And because we are not saying in vain that discipline is important, the security guard is always here to make sure that all the club’s rules are followed.

See you here!

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